Pascal Salomon

Pascal Salomon has a passion for transmitting his musical and technical experience. He has given many mast classes around the world. His students were granted awards and recognition. He works with young pianist as well as adults. To all, he brings a deep fulfillment and a renewed sense of meaningfulness grounded in a true musical experience. A life-changing experience not to be missed!

Teaching at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music

Student’s award at Paderewski Competition 2019

Pascal Salomon’s students among the selected participants to the
Music Teachers Association of California’s showcase

Take the leap. Results guaranteed.  Be a Legend.

This course is designed to cut right into the heart of dynamic piano playing. The understanding of these principles and techniques can be applied to all styles of music.

The course is designed to be accelerated; this means that what would take a typical piano student years to learn through conventional training can be recognized in this course in a fraction of the time.

This course focuses entirely on building you to become a more skilled and expressive pianist.